Even to speak of business de-regulation in the context of remaiing in the EU is a farce.  Brussels is responsible for about 75% of the regulations impacting on business.  Changing the law in grey squirrels isn't going to change that one iota.

According to Treasury internal estimates EU membership costs UK plc some £175 billion a year, with no conceivable benefit, since we trade at a massive deficit and have done for almost every year since we joined.

The Treasury of course use real stats, not the ones put out for public consumption – I doubt they fell for the old dodge of counting British exports to South Korea etc shipped through Rotterdam as exports to the Netherlands!   

Withdrawal would be straightforward – 12 months notice is all that is required under the VIenna Convention on the Law of Treaties for unilateral withdrawal from a multilateral treaty.  The ECA should be repealed forthwith, with a 2 year tranisitional period during which EU regulations could be replaced.

The Home Office dare not publish the total number of EU workers exercising treaty rights in the UK, as it would outrage public opinion.  Very few – perhaps 1% – have skills that we need.  The rest displace British labour, mostly onto the Welfare State, at a cost of sone £50 billion a year.




Why is this idea important?

It is important to regain self–government and restore our democratic freedoms. Government at the moment is largely a farce, as it is not self-government, and initiatives like the DPM's simply bring Whitehall into further ridicule and contempt. 

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