Thousands upon thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens use cannabis for medical reasons.

I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis which began in my early thirties (over a decade ago) Doctors prescribed heavy doses of steroids + other drugs which affected me adversely both physically and mentally. I could not work – I bled all day long from the colon and had to go to the toilet 15 times a day or more – and I'm not talking peeing. 

It was recommended I have my colon removed. 

I was absolutely opposed to this idea. Take away my colon and it can never be put back.

I tried all sorts of alternative therapies which worked to varying degrees. However the one which works most successfully is cannabis. By maintaining a regular dose ie use of the drug several times a week, I do not bleed and I do not go to the toilet 15 times a day. Effectively I live a normal life, work, pay tax, contribute to society and enjoy life.

The doctor who has dealt with me for the last ten years or more says "do not change what I am doing because it is working."

I do not wish to break the law.

I absolutely 100% feel with all my heart that it is criminal to deny anyone medical treatment which brings them relief. 

Medical cannabis is real – it not just a load of people wanting to get stoned. 

I want the law changed – I want personal cultivation for medical users to be allowed. 

I also want cannabis for the general population legalised – and, if this isn't able to happen, then at minimum made class C.

Thanks – please respond by ensuring this issue is appropriately dealt with to ensure civil liberties and freedom for the population.

Why is this idea important?

It is important that cannabis is legalised for medical users because it is criminal to deny the one treatment which brings effective relief to many, over other treatments which often do not work and have bad side effects.

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