I am very pleased that when reading the other comments I see that none of them can be classed as racist. only a genuin concern for the amount of people that have been allowed to settle here my own feelings are that if a person has left his or her family behind in a so called violent country they should be sent back .I believe that most immigrants  are men  why are they not in their own countrys trying to help make things better. any illegal person caught entering this country should lose the right to claim asylum and should be deported straight away. without the right to appeal I do believe that some of these people cross 3 4 5 countries to get here are we to believe that the other countries they pass through  will not help them .  stop giving our hard earned money to them in benifits hand out food tokens not cash .and just maybe the people that  work might feel less angry at how their money is used  we will always help protect the weaker countries if we can . but for now  until we can sort ourselves out  it must be that old saying  charity  begins at home even the people born and bred here are being refused help  so how can we keep taking  more and more  people in

Why is this idea important?

its common sense really  we are a small island..and now need  a few years to get ourselves sorted out  we really are getting overcrowded and that will not help any of us .

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