Honourable Home Minister,

I have a request that immigration changes for tier-1 in which you are going to increase points are not good enough to attract high calibre personeel from different backgrounds. Infact there should be given some incentives to those who spent their time in studying masters degree from within the UK. I am talking about PSW should be given some additional 10 points so that they can get Tier 1 easily, as these are the brightest people which were already diluted in to the Uk culture. Therefore the increse in point for tier one made by you is unfair as these peoples are nearly submittion to their applications as most of them earned nearly 35-38 k but considering this increase in points, it is difficult for these peoples to get tierone if they have more than 30 years old. This means they will leave uk and it can affect uk as they are people who already contributed a lot during their studies and their PSW period and also wanted to contribute in the future. Please don't increase the point  as there is already a change made in april 2010 where earnings slap have been changed dramatically high.


Thanks You for considering my humble suggestion.

Why is this idea important?

Revise your Tier 1 points and give extra points to PSW ending april 2011 instead of increase in the points

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