Introduce time scales by which the home office have to respond on an issue of status. It is common to find that a person whose limited leave to remain has ended in 2007 and who submitted their papers for a new decision is still waiting in 2010.

Why is this idea important?

Make it a requirement that the Home office has to respond within 2 months with a fresh decision and that while the matter is being considered the individual has evidence of their previous status continuing while the new decision is being made.


One example of the difficulty for such individuals is a 20 year year old who sent her papers to the Home office in 2007 as her limited leave to remain ended, having been granted when 14. 3 years later she is now so frightened of being sent back that she will not pursue enquiries to find out what is going on. She is unable to work, train, study, and generally conttribute to society because she has no documentation as proof of her status. There are many others.


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  1. Its simply not fair, it hurts a lot. To go through life and get told you’re not one of us so move. Just finished as an aerospace engineer and I cant get a job, because the people who adopted me as a kid did not register me. I am not even a gang member, no criminal record. I always help the community in every way possible, varying from adults to kids. Trying to get kids of the street to give them a better future, knowing that my own is in the hands of man made rules. It’s hurtingly not fair

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