The conditions governing immigration should be amended as follows:

Applicants, including those from the EU, must have a reasonable working command of English, a job to go to, permanent accommodation, and private medical insurance for 12 months.  They should have a biometric Identity Card to confirm their legitimacy until such time as they become British citizens, if they so choose.

Immigrants should not be allowed to claim asylum – this must be done at the first free country they reach and their ultimate destiny negotiated with that country.  As an interim measure, given that there are many asylum seekers already here, there can be an amnesty to give them an opportunity to seek immigration status on the above conditions.

In addition, means should be sought to end the waste of taxpayers money in paying  benefits to unemployed British citizens when businesses, particularly in agriculture, are being driven to fill jobs with immigrant seasonal workers

Why is this idea important?

We are a small, crowded island and a clear, simple and fair immigration system is essential

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