The idea is to review the payment of all types of benefits – unemployment, sickness, housing, motobility – to name but a few, with a view to reduce the outgoings

Why is this idea important?

It is important that we are not paying benefits to people who do not qualify for or deserve them thus reducing the amount available for really deserving cases.

Some examples of these are:-

*   delivering Giro cheques to travellers

*   paying unemployment benefits to people who do not attend the Job Centre each week to sign on and be available for work. If these people do not attend and are not available for work cancel their payments.

*   paying enormous rents for people with many children and who do not work (a case in point is the  North London DHS which is paying £12,500 per month in rent for a mother and her many children). Most people in this country would very much like to earn that much money.  Isn't having children a choice?

*   paying sickness benefits to people who are not sick or  do not have injuries which prevent them working

*   paying benefits to the relatives of migrant workers who are living in their home countries. How is one to know that their really are seven children back in their home country? Cancel all payments for people who do not live in this country

*   giving free or subsidised motor vehicles to some disabled people

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