Set the threshold for making a new law at 75% of those eligible to vote, rather than a simple majority, as any new law should have at least the support of a sizeable majority of the law makers.

All new laws to have a sunset clause whereby they are either reaffirmed as necessary or they are automatically repealed.

Set the threshold for repealing existing laws at 25% of those eligible to vote, as if a quarter of the law makers think it is unworkable / impracticable etc, then it deserves to go.

The current proposal for one in one out also makes sense.

Why is this idea important?

This should stop knee jerk legislation in response to a single incident / activity, and regardless of the government in power it would need a broad concensus to put new legislation on the statute books.

It would also make it simpler and easier to repeal bad / unworkable / ill though out laws

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