At present, a great deal of time and expense is devoted by Government departments and by others in scrutinising EU Directives before they are implemented in the UK. Much of this could be cut.

The beauty of the Directives are that they are in English and worded simply, in terms that can be understood easily by professionals and by members of the public. They are then dissected piece by piece and an UK stamp and 'gloss' put on them before being introduced into Parliament as Statutory Instruments that are neither in simple English nor can be easily understood and interpreted by anyone.

Without wishing in any way to detract from such little Crown or Parliamentary prerogative that hasn't yet been derogated away to Europe, I propose the following:

– that, where the Directive is simple, it is implemented entirely as drafted; and

– in other cases, an initial audit is made of its likely effects and made to Parliament together with a simplified form of draft Statutory Instrument

Why is this idea important?

It would massively reduce the paperwork that MPs have to read prior to consideration of proposed SIs, while reducing inessential costs of Government and other officers in implementing EU law.

It would also reduce the costs of local authorities, quangos, charities, trade organisations, lobbyists and individuals in commenting on proposed UK derogations, amendments and extensions and in challenging them in the courts.

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