A two-fold proposal to regulate / restrict and tax the sale of fireworks to the public.

Firstly, limit even further the periods that they are available for sale – two days only around the New Year, and ONE week only prior to November 5th. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for fireworks to be on sale around the Christmas holiday. The festive season should be traditionally a time of peace and goodwill, not shattered by the sound of irresponsible householders having firework parties! You'd think they couldn't wait for just another 7 days before they can indulge all they like.

Secondly, what with the government ever eager to slap taxes on essentials such as fuel/petrol, clothing, alcohol, cigarettes and the rest, and with the imminent rise in VAT on the horizon, why not consider levying a big **environmental** tax on fireworks to atone for the amount of noise and air pollution that is caused each time millions of them are set off over the Guy Fawkes and New Year festivities? Surely this is common sense? The government and local authorities seem so keen to clamp down on excessive noise pollution and anti-social behaviour in neighbourhoods, and yet they contradict themselves by allowing the relentless noise/air pollution brought on by masses of fireworks to continue unabated.

This is NOT a killjoy legislation – merely a common sense one implemented to give the majority of responsible firework users some peace of mind.

Therefore, the only way to control the problem of firework nuisance is through

Why is this idea important?

We all know how much of a contentious issue fireworks has become, with some people wanting the sale of them banned, whilst others fully support them being available to purchase all year round for whatever public or private functions / festivals.  The truth is fireworks are still too easily available to anybody. Simply increasing the age limit to over-the-counter sales isn't the answer. It is high time the implications of wanton firework mis-use were addressed in a more constructive, and sensible way. 

The government keep preaching to us about carbon footprints and other fashionable environmental issues, and yet they conveniently overlook one very obvious source of environmental pollution – the carbon and sulphur created in the air by millions of fireworks. So why not exercise some common sense and levy a tax on what is after all a non-essential 'luxury' item, say 50 to 100 per cent of the rrp of each firework sold? Surely by making them much more expensive, the manufacturers and greedy retailers can still make the same amount of profit from selling less but at an inflated price. And this may also then act as a deterrent so people may think twice before wasting hundreds if not thousands of pounds on fireworks.

So, far from banning them from being sold outright, it surely makes more sense to come up with a better way of regulating WHEN they are sold and how much extra revenue can be raised if these things were actually taxed at a much higher rate than normal VAT. This then would preclude the need to add the higher rate of VAT on essentials such as food, clothing, fuel, etc… I'm sure that this would be far more popular with the general public once they get used to the idea. I believe this is a perfectly achievable solution.

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