First of all, this is not about restricting freedom of speech, which is something that I hold in the highest regard.

However, I propose that tabloid press/news media in general should be somehow forced to be more objective in the way they report current affairs.

I have abolutely no faith in any of the UK's news media because I see them as nothing more than vehicles to push certain opinions and agendas.

Do a little research on popular propaganda technique and read your favourite rag with a new perspective, it is amazing just how seriously biased the news reporting is in this country, it doesn't matter which paper you read, or what your political/philosophical views are, they're all at it.

I propose that newpapers should come with warnings just like cigarettes and alcohol.

The viewer/reader should be warned that the information contained within is little more than a particular camps favoured interpretation of events.

Tabloid press should be forced to mark their newspapers as nothing more than entertainment, as that is all they really are.

Why is this idea important?

I think this is vitally important, any "democracy" is seriously undermined by lack of press freedom, but also the same applies when the press are given free reign to print anything they please and label it as the truth.

If newspapers and other media wish to be biased or use propagandist technique to fool people into believing their particular worldview, then at least a disclaimer should be mandatory.

I think too many people in this country are sucked in by the media and believe most everything they read, the media has a very powerful ability to shape peoples beliefs by limiting and manipulating information that they provide.

Too many people in this country are unhealthily obsessed with fear of imminent danger from terrorists and paedophiles that is blown way out of proportion by the tabloids.

Too many people are unhealthily obsessed with celebrities and materialism due to unbalanced tabloid priorities.

It's time to give the press a choice.

A. Report world affairs responsibly and objectively

B. Be publicly classified as an entertainment publication.

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