You should change the Disabiltiy Discrimination Act so that it prevents bus companies from banning Class 2 travel scooters on their vehicles.  These vehicles take up no more room than an electric wheelchair, and fit into the space identified as adequate by European legislation.  Companies all over England discriminate against Class 2 scooter users because they don’t understand their own regulations – or –make them up as they go along.  If a disabled person chooses to use a small travel scooter rather than a wheelchair it is usually for 3 reasons:  1) They are cheaper than an electric wheelchair  2) They are lighter than an electric wheelchair and 3) You have somewhere to put your shopping or belongings in front of you rather than behind you where they can be stolen.  Change the law so that buses MUST carry Class 2 travel scooters.

Why is this idea important?

Disabled access is essential if physically disabled people are to lead anything resembling a normal life – including work.

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