We have a company that has received many UK and international awards for Innovation, including UK Smart Awards

However not withstanding the regulatory introduction of the Hampton Principles governing the MHRA – who are all civil servants – there is an overzealous and burdensome and indeed corrupt and corrupting practises by the MHRA which results in a loss of innovation and business from the UK – 

These practises of the MHRA are well documented and are backed up by a strange anomoly in the law. Prior to 1985 the police could both investigate and prosecute. This was removed in 1985 by law and the two elements were seperated.

however with the MHRA and the Deptartment of Health the MHRA can investigate and prosecute that is no police investigation is involved and no public prosecutor or the AG's office is involved. This important sepeation of functions made law in 1985 has not been applied to the MHRA.

Our experience (and others in industry) is that these civil servants continuously breach the accepted positions allowed to police and or Public prosecutors as they act in their own interests and without any checks or balances as its the same dept under the same authority.

Our experience shows not only massive corruption and dishonesty but abuse – and if the UK wishes to keep its innovation in the UK and not lose out to companies moving to the EU or USA or selling their IP there it needs to sort out its over regulation and this abuse of power position and anachronism.

our idea is simply repeal this power as it should have been repealed in 1985 – let a speicalist trained unit of the police or a revised unit of the MHRA (which is independent of the DH) still investigage but once investigated any prosecution must go via the Public prosecutors office and get rid of all the extra civil servants in the MHRA

Full evidence for the concerns can be provided

Why is this idea important?

Save the taxpayer millions

improve business and opportunity in the UK for business

bring jobs and funds into the UK via export and improve manufacturing in the UK

retain uk inventions and IP in the UK and not see them go to other countries which do not have the same potential and actual corruption in their regulatory authority

improve civil liberty

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