The government and the public could benefit from vast improvement in the energy efficiency of the government estate buildings. The benefits of revising the current procurement methods, generation and use of energy and mechanical equipment even in just the Whitehall district  would save millions of pounds and show that the government leads the way on CO2 reduction in the built environment. Currently, there are no mechanisms for government organisations e.g. universites/ MoD to buy from ESCO style companies offering the best solutions and joined up thinking  with regard to the power generation, renewables, and efficient heating/cooling/lighting/power/water systems, only to replace like for like outdated equipment.

A longer term, strategic approach is required, producing a step change in energy consumption, rather than demanding small cuts with very short paybacks, possibly undermining larger scale projects which make a real difference. 

Why is this idea important?

This would show clear government intent to maximise efficiency, reduce costs, be a leader on 'best solution' energy efficiency projects, and have a flagship CO2 reduction project which would have a knock on effect to businesses with large building portfolios. The CRC scheme alone is not going to force businesses to take action on Energy reduction measures, but government putting in place and using ESCO style guaranteed savings contracts (as used very successfully by North American governments) might get industry and commercial entities moving towards improvement in building stock energy efficiencies.  

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