Updating the highway code to increase efficiency and capacity on major roads (motorways and multi lane A roads) by allows safe undertaking.

Why is this idea important?

With ever increasing amounts of traffic on our major roads (motorways and A roads) and a decreasing budget to expand the capacity of the road network we need to think of ways to improve efficiency.

Motorway driving is not included or tested as part of the driving test, and as such there are a large number of drivers who misunderstand or misuse the road network by 'sitting' in the middle or fast lanes often leaving the 'slow' lane completely empty.

By allowing cars to travel up to the speed limit in all lanes this wasted capacity can be utilised at zero cost without forcing drivers to have to cross two lanes to overtake vehicles in the middle lane.

One Reply to “Improve road efficiency by legalising undertaking”

  1. One is able to overtake slower moving traffic if that lane which is on the offside is travelling slower than yours.

    I would therefore put forward then that it is legal to overtake or rather undertake such a vehicle which is obviously traveling slower in the middle lane. Seems sensible to me when you could undertake 20 or 40 vehicles legally but cannot undertake just one stupid individual.

    It also appears that a following vehicle, usually due to frustration , swerves at the last moment to overtake and then pulls in or rather swerves in very close to the front of the offending vehicle .. this is not a good situation and can obviously end in an incident

    I do not endorse the idiot who changes lanes at fast speeds and weaves in and out of lanes creating mayhem and frustration due to his unlawful and dangerous progress

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