I think that all Baked Beans serve in Europe should be made by Heinz. Think there should be Criminal law that protects the consumer against other brands. How often have you been
In a restaurant and had to turn Down the Olympic Breakfast, or the Bargan Bucket because you can not be sure that it is Heinz. What example are we the nexts hosts of the Olympics when we can not even comfortabily order a breakfast of the same name. I was thinking 5 years in prison, unlimited fine for anyone caught manufacturing, packing, transporting, selling, cooking or serving Baked Beans that are not Heinz.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it is time, that we the people of this great country set aside trivial matters and matched forward. What speaks of a commitment to human right more than the serving of Baked Beans made by Heinz. We shall ne able to stand firm on the world stage and say “We care, we value, learn from us and whilst you’re here have some Baked Beans”. When a father can order an Olympic breakfast and his son the Childs Bangers and Beans and can say “eat up son… they’re Heinz” we will be civilized and I shall have a tear in my eye.

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