Give all police a dictaphone. The idea being that they dictate their report on an incident as soon as it has been dealt with. At the end of the shift hand the tape in. Typists on £10pa type all the reports up, which are signed off by the police officer at the beginning of his next shift. The typist then files & circulates the reports as required. 

Why is this idea important?

This would free the police to do what they should be doing, on the beat & catching criminals. I have always found it ridiculous that an officer (or indeed any manager) is expected to do his own typing/form filling nowadays. Leave that to lower paid staff.

This way you could cut the force by 30% as those that remain would spend 80% more time using their skills properly, rather than doing something for which they have not been trained for & for which they are vastly overpaid for, ie typing & form filling.

Net result, a reduction in manpower overhead but an increase in anti crime effectiveness. It could also employ a lot of youngsters as typists.

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