I would like to see a longer, log book style route to becoming a qualified driver.  Our test at the moment, teaches new drivers to drive in town centres and nothing else.  I find it amazing that, in theory and often in practise, a new driver can hit the roads with no experience of dual carrigeway, motorway, nighttime, or adverse weather driving.

I would like to see a log book of competencies, ticked off by a qualified driving instructor, that demonstrates learner drivers have reached an acceptable standard in all aspects of driving.

I would also not rule out fully qualified drivers having to demonstrate that they are competent in all these areas of driving, I'm not just picking on new drivers

Why is this idea important?

this system would improve driving standards, and would therefore improve road safety for all road users, it would also help to alleviate some the UK's road issues such as congestion, as a lot of motorway and town congestion is caused by poor driving as well as vehicle volume. 


Basically I believe this would lead to fewer accidents, fewer deaths, less congestion, and a safer, quicker road sytem throughout the UK

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