Much as we have officers that investigate benefit fraud ( although this is not as proactive as it should be) we should have a team ,a big team, of investigators checking on , in particular, those that give their own details of remuneration. I refer in particular to, so called taxi , and private hire, firms (and drivers) that seem to acquire large properties , fancy cars and all the trappings of wealth in a relatively short time. It is very difficult to check on these people if it is taken for granted that their claims are genuine because of a lack of investigators. I am sure that millions of pounds are not being paid into the coffers that should be.



Why is this idea important?

It is important because it represents (without it) a loss of millions of pounds that we can ill afford to lose, and it is obvious to those that have orderly and simple PAYE type jobs that large numbers of people are avoiding their responsibilities with regard to tax, by not declaring their true earnings. It is difficult to know , without "spot checks" how many passengers have been hiring, and how much they have been paying. How many windows have been cleaned?How many haircuts have been given?

                 The country must be missing out on millions. How much money are these "carwashing"enterprises making, we are getting them on every corner/


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