Currently the DWP offer a back to work incentrive of 4 weeks full benefit payable to benefit claimants returning to work after 26 weeks on a means tested benefit i.e Job Seekers Allowance/ Income Support.

By raising the incentive to 8 weeks extra full benefit there would be more of an incentive for people to try returning to work and offering a financial buffer until the other benefit adjustments and emergency tax in their pay packet can be finalised.

Why is this idea important?

Benefit claimants returning to work have to apply for benefits such as Working Tax Credits which can take over a month to be finalised. In addition their other benefits such as Housing and Council Tax Benefit are suspended. This could cause rent arrears and financial harship as the person returning to work has to pay their day to day outgoings, rent/ council tax and travel to and from work etc on £64.50 per week.

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