I would like to see the courts instructed to desist from applying silly sums against people that are insured for genuine accidents in the home or at events.

These huge sums sometimes exceed by great margins the payouts to Service personel etc and  are driving the legal industry to seek them. They are in consequence making certain public events difficult to insure.

Examples, conkers, firework displays, bouncy castles and other entertainment surrounding children are now prohibitivly expencive to insure even when reasonable precautions are taken and the event organisers have a good safety record.

Why is this idea important?

Insurance payouts are being treated by the courts as a money tree, the money comes from thin air and it is only afterwards that we see the downside – a huge rise in premiums.

While I have no problems with negligent event organisers etc being sued and a payout, it is now all even good organisers, and in turn ALL OF US that are paying the price/premiums. That price/premiums is forcing certain things we took for granted as children from happening at all.

The current situation is unfair, untenable and unsustainable. It needs adjusting so that insurance premiums are stopped from destroying the very things that make life worth living.


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