The maximum speed limit for UK motorways was last set in 1965 .

I feel that with the way car safety has improved & the money that has been spent improving our motorways since this time the limit should now be reviewed. On just about every motorway in Britain there are electronic signs to tell you to slow down when traffic is heavy, so why can these not do the opposite when traffic is quiet after the rush hour has passed?

Why is this idea important?

I feel this idea would reduce the number of accidents as at least 95% of motorway users travel above the limit during quiet times & only slow down when they see a Police car in the distance, causing panic which can lead to accidents. (Life saving)

It would reduce the number of Police cars needed sat waiting in lay-bys for someone to past to fast. Their time could be better spent else where. (Cost saving)

It would reduce the amount of administration required to process all the speeding fines unnecessarily given out. (Cost Saving)

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