Speed limits are exactly that – limits. When learning to drive you are constantly informed about this and told to drive at a reasonable speed – either at the limit or below. I am fine with this. What I am not fine with is the limit of otherwise well maintained, long and straight roads, free of potholes, well sign posted but with archaic speed LIMITS of 70mph – that we call motorways. We all know that modern cars can travel at speeds probably double this but what makes modern motoring different to when I was driving as a young lad is that cars are better maintained and, for example, can easily drive at high speed without steering wheel judder; not being able to brake properly (old Mini, for example); presence of ABS almost as standard these days etc etc.

If common sense prevailed, limits should be 80 or 90 (mph) on motorways and the decision of what speed to drive left to the driver (taking into consideration road conditions, weather, number of cars on the road etc.) I appreciate that faster speeds mean more CO2 but at 3am on the M5 going south to Devon, why is it that 70mph is even a moderately acceptable limit!?!?!?!

Why is this idea important?

Because 70mph on motorways is a very old law and makes little sense in the modern age of motoring. Remembering too that, if changed, the new limit is exactly that – just a LIMIT and that people can use their brains and choose to travel below this if road conditions dictate.

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