Not  sure of current laws. Please repeal the rights of convicted sex offenders and paedophiles which allows their identities to be kept secret.


As one of eight sisters and as the mother of two female children, I want the re-balance of rights towards law abiding members of the community not those who have committed crimes.  I want to know if there is a rapist in my community and I want to know if there is a peadophile in my community. In fact I want to know the nmaes and address of these people, wherever i go in the UK!

I want to type in a county and see where it is that they are living.  The onus should not be on me to go one by one through everyone in my area . The information should be freely made available, upon conviction, by the judicial system, in a simple straight forward way.


I want protection for me and my family against these sex offenders. Currently it is they who are protected against us?!?!?!?  I just want to know who and where they are and I just want to know who and where to avoid.  I have no intention of ever engaging,  in any way, with any of  them.  


I accept that they too have rights, in so far as they should not be abused………..however I have the right to know who and where they are……………..

Why is this idea important?

It might save us all some stress.  It might even act as a deterrent. If we know where to avoid, we may be taking some temptation out of the equation!??!

It is important to feel safe where I live and it is important to feel "safer" when my kids go out on their bikes/ for a walk/with their friends.

Yes I know these peolpe are mobile, but if I know a certain was a hot bed for housing these people then I would have no inclination to go there, visit there go to parks there, move there and so on.



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