Rather than looking to cut staff at the H M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) offces the coalition government should be looking to double the workforce. 

You may ask – Why ?

There is simply not enough staff at the HMRC offices to deal with day to day queries.  With all the cuts in the staff the HMRC simply do not have the resources to collect tax which is outstanding.  This includes having the staff to deal with Tax Investigations. 

By increasing staff levels will increase the number of staff dealing with Tax Investigations which will increase the level of tax the government brings in. 

At the moment there is a 3 months delay (yes 3 months) for the HMRC to reply to post.  With the right amount of staff this will bring delays down to 2 weeks which will increase efficiently and productivity across the board.

With taxpayer's records being up to date, staff can then be used to deal with the pressing issues such as outstanding Tax Returns and outstanding tax to pay.


Why is this idea important?

The increase in staff will increase the tax collected for the coalition government.  Cutting staff (although saving on staffing costs) decreased the amount of tax the Labour government collected.

By increasing staffing levels in the right areas (tax investigations being one) will increase the tax collected for the HMRC

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