Anybody earning £50K per annum or more should be taxed an income tax of 50% per annum, Capital gains tax should be 40% plus depending on earnings per year. Fairness should be for everyone not for the poor. Every able bodied person who is earning any form of income should be taxed whether they are politicians or not No Tax laws for POLITICIANS and ordinary public. All allowances being earned by politicians should be also be earned by Civil Servants for fairness and equality purposes. Maximum salaries for all government departments MUST Never Be above the prime Minister;s Salary. Let the so called cream specialists etc go to the private sector and see whether they will earn such ridiculous salaries that they are earning from the Taxpayer. Remove Radio Licence for BBC let people who want to watch BBC pay just like we do for Sky, Setanta and other channels why are you protecting the BBC they are ripping us the Taxpayer OFF. 

Why is this idea important?

This is important because it seems there is a law for the rich and one for the poor. Does the ConLib coalition genuinely  and honestly think that freezing  salaries for two years  for people earning £21K is fair and just? If they think its fair they need to reduce their own salaries for two years to £21K and tell us how happy they are after two years. They should lead by example and show us how a normal family survives with this sort of money in UK. Lets walk the Talk Now and stop Talking the Walk. The business of doing as I say and not as I do should be relegated to History once and for all.

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