In Spain private cars are inspected every 2 years until they are 10 years old. Modern cars are becoming increasingly more reliable so annual inspections are, in my opinion, O.T.T. I do not suggest that cars with worn tyres, defective brakes, etc. should be allowed on the roads, but anyone in their right mind would not drive a car which might kill him, and so transferring the inspection of such items to the owner would save the cost of an official inspection every other year, which would be popular with motorists, and it would also mean less time off work to take a car to the M.O.T. station,which would also be popular.

It should be possible to obtain figures for accidents caused by cars with faults which would have been picked up by the M.O.T. I bet there are very, very few

Why is this idea important?

Because it would save the nation money without compromising safety.

In any case, an M.O.T. certificate only confirms that a vehicle was inspected on a particular day. It does NOT guarantee that it will continue to be roadworthy until the next inspection, or even until the next week!

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