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Given the poor economic climate for Local authorities coupled with the vested interest in the Independent Review Mechanism run by BAAF to encourage foster carers to seek independent determination in regards to their fostering status, it is my professional view that this independent mechanism introduced in april 2009 should be either scraped or fundamentally overhauled.

It will cost local authorities £2227 for each case to be heard and inevitably more and more foster carers will seek this paticular avenue when they have a dispute about their fostering registration with their approving agency. This chosen opportunity is determined primarily by 2 factors, one being the local authority foots the costs and secondly the IRM are on the whole not upholding Agency Decision Makers professional views particularly in relation to deregistering foster carers. BAAF clearly have a vested interest in not siding with local authority decisions, as a consequence of this foster carers would chose not to use them and therefore BAAFs funding would be significantly affected in this area.

If a local authortiy has to attend 13 IRM panels In a year which is clearly possible for some larger local authorites this overall cost could have alternatively paid the salary of an experienced social worker for a year. The £2227 is only part of the cost for local authorities as they have to send 2 members of staff representing the agency on the day of the panel which is unlikely to be a local  venue for most local authorities. 

I do not feel the IRM panels remit is one of prioritising the welfare and safety of children as it is clear to me they have more interest in maintaining the status of the foster carer. Please request the statistics from the IRM now that it has been in existence for over 12 months you will probably be startled by the the percentage of their decisions which are contrary to the local authority who have assessed, supported, and monitored  foster carers for some considerable time and therefore are in a positon to justify why some carers need to be deregistered.

Please inform me how in todays social care environment you can deregister a foster carer, I came into the social work profession to protect children from dangerous birth families and sadly from a minority of foster carers too. However this aforementioned regulation has made it difficult to eradicate carers who are likely to provide an unsuitable environment for disadvataged children to reside in.

I am a concerned experienced social worker who is seriously considering a change in my employment as this is just a further example of decisions being taken out of the hands of social workers and has some similarity with the introduction of the Public Law Outline (taking decisions away from social care professionals, please note that like all professions the majority of its workforce are competent and the child care profession is no different.

As most politicians are concerned about local authority spending please justify how this resource should remain an option when far more significant services are having to be cut back and/or shelved.  

I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns and frustrations on a subject I am quite passionate about.


Why is this idea important?

I feel that the aforementioned regulation is not assisting in the protection of vulnerable children in addiotion to it being an uneccessary expense for local authorities especially given the financial constraints imposed on their budgets.

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  1. Do you have a right of appeal if you are treated unfairly or abused in your workplace as a social worker?
    A foster carer has no right to this is not allowed outside representation and may be de registered for the most trivial SSW agenda. They are always looking for new foster carers yet do nothing to retain the skilled ones they have.They do not tell new carers what they are about to unleash allowing these manipulative Sw access to their homes ,the months and months spent with no placement and no money. It’s social workers with views similar to yours that create much of the problems and issues.Yes we have had social workers that were great to get along with and some that are downright abusive verging on non truths to cover themselves one thing is for sure the Social worker type always sticks together.That is why an independent review of any deregistration should be compulsory

    1. After extensive research i have found out to my disappointment that the children fostering and adoption agencies and council is all a big joke and nothing but a corporation making profit. With little interest in children and family welfare. And i would advise any1 not to do it sad to say. The can de register at anytime for example if th e social worker doesnt like ur tea you made them= no income. Type in social worker getting owned on youtube. And u will see social workers at work trying to take kids from there parents using terrior tactics and telling lies so they hand there kids over. Looking back at it i would say 50% chidren placed in my care did not need to be removed from their parents and the social worker working with parents could of prevent those children being looked aftered which is what they are supposed to do . Last resort is to remove a child. To most social workers thats there first intention to remove and start making money off that child for their BUSINESS AND CO OPERATION. only if children is in Immediate danger should they beremoved. Most of my kids in care where in no danger from the birth parents as i had regular contacts with them and the kids loved the parents.

      The.point im trying to make is if children were not being removed by social workers then the children services will not get funded by government this will result in them losing their jobs. Im sure the social workers dont want to lose their job. Its in there best interest to remove children cause thats when they get paid. Its like working on commission basis.

      The social.workers have clogged up the fostering system with children needlessly removed otherwise could of been filled up with a child that really does need the help. Most of the kids want to go back to mom and dad.

  2. I was deregister cos the child lied and said I mentally abused her and left her. I went to the IRM cos the fostering network told me to go down that rd, cos of the way they had treated me but it still came back the same, so it was a easy of time, then I find out after that my agency should of offers to give notice. Does any one know where I go from here, the RIM write to and said I can get a bref but wot type does any one know cos I want to fight it

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