Individual lifetime number plate

I think that people should be issued with a number plate when they pass their test and the number plate moves from car to car or bike and identifies them the main owner driver of that vehicle. With technology the way it is there is no need any more for each car to have it's own index number. This would simplify the hole system and process. of course the memorable number plate industry would be able to continue to raise revenues as they do now.

Why does this idea matter?


When you change keeper of your vehicle the system would be updated as to the new ownership and if you happened to forget the fact that the number plate that you have put on is yours it will identify you as the driver! as you do if you have a memorable number plate today.

This would remove "unregistered" vehicle's driving around and would mean that it was down to the current owner to remove and retain the plate from his/her vehicle when he/she sells it, making it harder for people to drive vehicle's illegally without raising suspicion. 

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