All new laws affecting the British people should be summarised and put on a website every day and listed in national newspapers regularly.

We should also be told who made the laws – the EU or Westminster – and what the penalties are for breaking them.

Why is this idea important?

We are completely in the dark about the majority of laws that govern us.

They say "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". I beg to differ. With several thousand new laws, regulations and directives coming from Brussels in the past few years, many of which were nodded through Parliament, how are we supposed to know what laws we are supposed to obey?

The law used to be simple, and for the most part based on common sense. You knew if you were breaking the law. Now, we have no idea what laws there are.

We can't even contribute to this initiative of Nick Clegg's properly because we don't know what laws now exist and are on the way through Parliament.

Looking in Hansard is no help – details of laws do not appear there, because most are not debated.

We need to be informed.

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