The inheritance tax threshold should be much higher.

We work hard  and long hours to look after our families and want to give our children the best start in life and want to leave them something when we pass away.

We have already paid  the tax on our earnings, on our savings and on our investments on VAT, on rates, on national insurance. Yet when we want to pass what is left and is ours onto our children or life partners it is taxed yet again.

We ought to be allowed to look after our loved ones by trying to leave them what we have worked hard for, and paid for and ought to be allowed to leave it to them and not forced to give once again to the state.

Inheritance tax ought to be raised to £2 million to recognise the rise in property prices and to allow us to continue to work hard and to leave our loved ones something of real value, which they will be putting back into the economy.

Why is this idea important?

We want to look after our loved ones and we want our hard work to be able to look after them, benefit them and the economy.  Inheritance tax  taxes what has already been taxed, many times over.

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