I believe that people who have been arrested and subsequently not had any charge brought against them by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service should not have to give the admission on job applications that they have been arrested unless it has gone to court.

Why is this idea important?

Having been in and read of increasing numbers of people in the same scenario I believe that people are being unfairly branded.By having to admit that at one stage in a person's life they may have been investigated for a crime they did not commit it throws doubt on to the old maxim of being innocent until proven guilty and its apparent worth to society.

It has cost me numerous jobs because of one individual's unfounded accusation against despite having commited no offence.I have also read in newspaper's of other people being similarly affected by individuals looking to take acts of vengance for perceived slights by the accused.It is I feel too easy to potentially hamper another individual's life this way

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