One of the many reasons the digital economy bill will be so ineffective is because of the mass insecurity of business and home Internet connections.  Over 40% of wireless access points in the UK are encrypted with the WEP encryption standard.  These WEP access points takes less than 10 minutes to bypass, at which point the attacker has full access to the home owners or businesses Internet.  Committing cyber crimes which would break the law and lead to the home or business owner being punished for somebody else's crimes.

I myself have found many access points in government buildings which use the insecure WEP encryption leaving them pretty much open for the taking,  allowing anybody with a laptop and basic IT skills to take advantage.

The government needs to become more educated in IT before passing laws it which are unenforceable and dramatically flawed from the start.  With many examples of their inability to secure their own infrastucture in public maybe they should learn a little about the sector they are making laws for.

Why is this idea important?

Because it points out major flaws in governmental IT operating procedure and demonstrates how if the bill is ‘enforced’ how utterly futile it will be due to the state of British wireless security standards.

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