Instead of people geting cash in their hands wouldn't it be abetter idea to give vouchers. rent etc could be paid this way and also electricity and gas. In America it is normal to receive food vouchers once you have had benefit for 6 months. This would also be a great incentive to work as vouchers would not pay for cigarettes, alcohol and other luxuries.  This would save a lot of money and simplify the system.  It might also reform society as children would have to have food bought and cooked as the vouchers could be worded to ensure they were not usable at the local fast food retailer. Children would be better fed and looked after. Parents with babies could be given vouchers for baby requirements and there should be a greater encouragement for them to feed the childrn themselves thus saving millions a year on baby milk. We need to look at ways of saving money and this would be fair to all on benefits. All would have food, heat, light and a roof over their head.

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important as i see parents who rely on the money they get in benefits for cigarettes ad alcohol and the latest flat screen TV. chidren from some of these families only ever get given money to go and buy a packet of crisps and chips from the chippy. I have seen this first hand and feel this has led to obesiety in children, malnutrition, and a learned experience that the state will provide so why work.  I know people will say vouchers are not politically correct as it shows who is on benefits at the check outs but it is our money they are spending and the country is in a mess. it is time we made sure there was no stigma to a benefit voucher and that they would be seen as a real help to needy people.

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