In addition to the 'social bond' idea just announced, (which I am confident will produce fruit), I would like to see the 'handing back' of duties commensurate with the probationary service, and a separate 'body' to be delegated within the justice service for specifically looking after community service (not what the probationary service was set up for).

I would also like to see this body, with teeth, and given the means to facilitate people making APPROPRIATE reparations to the victims.

I believe this would also have the contributory result of reducing the numbers of short stay cons.

Why is this idea important?

Currently community service is just a joke – councils are reluctant to use the service provided via the probationary service – and all 'sentences' are done on a kind of 'ad hoc' basis. Its also well known amongst those who have to do it – its more of a 'badge' than anything else.

Simply a stage you go through – on your way to jail.

How does a person who nicks £50 from an old age pensioners purse PAY IT BACK?

Well, my idea is the offender will pay it back through options/choices made available to and given to the victim. Appropriate REPARATION is sought and demanded from the offender. Tough and alternative punishments, which deprive people of their liberty, WITHOUT the recourse to simply going on an all expenses paid, rent free, holiday is whats really required.

I would love to be given the opportunity to explore my idea further

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