Introduce a 'vignette' type system as used in Switzerland whereby  people who use motorways pay an annual charge of, say £50 to buy a card which entitles them to use Motorways.  A sticker on the windscreen with the year would indicate that this has been paid.  HGVs would also have to pay for using the motorways but the charge for commercial vehicles would be much higher – say £500. Fines would be charged if a car was using a motorway without having paid for motorway use. It could be incorporated into the UK car tax system and you pay for motorway use when you renew your tax disc.  Overseas road users would be able to purchase the motorway card online or at UK entry ports.

Why is this idea important?

  • It would raise much needed government revenue
  • It would perhaps reduce congestion
  • It would mean that the many foreign HGVs which use our roads would contribute to upkeep and maintenance of the motorway network

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