A 'vignette' type system similar to Switzerland whereby you pay an annual fee of, say, £50 to use UK Motorways.  HGVs would also have to pay a higher rate – say £500.  The Motorway card could be paid for when you renew your car tax and a sticker with the year could be put on your windscreen to show you had paid for annual access to the UK Motorway network.  Foreign HGVs and road users would also have to pay for the Motorway card and could buy theirs online or at UK entry ports.

Why is this idea important?

  • It would raise much needed revenue for the government and would mean additional money for the upkeep of roads
  • It would mean that HGVs from outside the UK would be making a contribution to the maintainence of the UK motorway system they use
  • It might reduce congestion slightly

One Reply to “Introduce an Motorway Card”

  1. I’m sure it will help to rid the motorways of poorer people who don’t wish to ration their weekly food shop to subsidise their road freedoms. Yet another smart way to divide the well healed from the not so. If the government push people onto the A and B roads they will inevitably then be faced with more congestion in towns and repair bills for these roads. If MPs were asked to give up their London residences, voting for bills in the house of commons (which doesn’t seem an appropriate term for the building nowadays) then the millions saved could be directed towards the upkeep of the road system, I’d rather vote for that. The motorways were built to free up congestion and to make journeys quicker not as a cash cow (as motorists are hit with yet more motor related stealth taxes).

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