When the DNA samples of the prison population were compared with that of the general population, it was found that there were 3 genes which were dramatically more populous in the prisons. Upon further analysis these genes were found to each do one of the following: greatly increase the possibility of developing schizophrenia, make it much more likely to develop an addiction, and to make physical violence an automatic reaction (the so-called 'warrior gene'). It seems that, in the same way that a dyslexic has the part of the brain that affects letter order in an under-developed state, these people are also genetically impaired so that they have a different kind of learning disability, one which almost forces them into serious crime since their brains are unable to determine the right course of action or they are unable to do the right thing even if they want to. By replacing these genes with the normal gene that everyone else has, crime would more than halve.

Why is this idea important?

Because at the end of the day these offenders are victims of their disabilities. The law is based upon the idea that people who choose to do wrong are punished, but in the case of these disabled people they have no choice. No amount of punishment or treatment will work on them while they have their disability, and it is this same disability that will force their children who inherit this to follow suit, leading to 'bad families' and contributing to 'rough estates'. The benefits are enormous in terms of money saved in addition to having a happier society. Every person given this treatment is not only considerably more likely to be as law-abiding as the average citizen, but any attempts to treat them with anti-crime courses will be much much more successful. The prison system is full to bursting, and each prisoner costs a fortune to catch, convict, and imprison. At the very least this idea is worth a government investigation.

The only drawback is that this would lead to people fretting over "the slippery slope". But this can be remedied with this simple rule: Only replace genes which prevent independence of life with the authority of the General Medical Council. That way only the criminally disabled, the severely physically or mentally disabled (e.g. the blind), and those with dementia etc. would be treated.

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