Allow for small parcels of land to be sold for the sole purpose of setting up a permaculture smallholding to be farmed by a family/community expressly to grow food in accordance with permaculure techniques that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The land use will also include off grid environmentally friendly dwellings.

Why is this idea important?

Oil is due to run out in the next century and with it man made fertilisers. This means that the present dominant UK method of food production Monoculture will become non viable.
Permaculture will allow for a much more efficient method of food production with the added benefit of virtually zero oil use, no fertiliser use, the provision of food for wildlife, no pesticide use, increase in employment, provision of low carbon dwellings, possible off grid dwellings (lowering energy consumption), decrease in food transport, decrease in food imports, the reintroduction of community,very low oil use healthy families…..  The list of benefits is very much longer than listed.
These smallholdings could also help to address the massive housing problem that the UK is suffering and not addressing. The dwellings could be of a environmentally friendly low cost off grid design, the benefits of which speak for themselves.

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