Lets forget about identity cards:

They solve nothing but can hold a lot of data which I cannot verify therefore unable to  correct if some Government Official inputs data wrongly

Scrap Big Brother CCTV Everywhere: including the home and on the road, where Speed Cameras have little to do with safety but fund raisers.

It also solves nothing merely records it. NB Bulger: great, it caught the little buggers (only to be released again) but didn't stop the child being killed.

The request for unnecessary data on tax returns, VAT returns and the National Census. In the latter case, contrary to popular belief it is not used for the positive way which it claims.

Storing any form of data without my consent or knowing what is actually recorded on that data base.

Scrapping the BBC.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because people object to being spied upon and do not know what is recorded against them and whether it is accurate.  The Government like to white-wash everything with the Official Secrets Act, when it has nothing to do with State Security, more to do with invasion of the ordinary persons' liberty.

Scrapping the BBC and therefore the license fee would mean that the Government propoganda machine would be curbed and reducing even further their invasion of my privacy and the dumbing down of soceitey.

The ideas are important because it would restore the native populations' faith in Government which at the moment is not good. Hence the moderate turn-out at the election and the resulting hung (or should that be hanged) Parliament.

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