Once more, an innocent man has died after being clearly assaulted by the Police (caught on countless cameras), and no action is taken by the IPCC or the CPS, who have dragged their feet to ensure that the officer involved doesn't even face a charge of common assault.  How many more have to die before we see a Police Officer in the dock?  The IPCC are ineffective as they have no real teeth, and the CPS seem very loathe to charge blatantly corrupt and violent Police Officers.  A truly independent body that investigates and decides on charges is now required.

Why is this idea important?

If Nick Clegg is serious about civil liberties, and for the nation as a whole to have confidence in the Police, they cannot be seen to be above the law.  The IPCC are an ineffective organisation and need to be disbanded and replaced with truly independent organisation that has some real teeth, and investigates and prosecutes corrupt and violent Police Officers.  The CPS are too close to the Police and cannot be trusted to act in an impartial manner. 

2 Replies to “IPCC and CPS Clearly Not Fit For Purpose”

  1. I have rock solid evidence that the IPCC are prepared to lie and cheat in order to block a complaint. The IPCC website should not be believed. My discovery that innocent and vulnerable people receive, without their knowledge, a police record after having been informed that will not happen was not answered by the IPCC. After 18 months I did not receive a single word in reply
    to the following.
    ‘A police record without a caution or conviction should not be allowed. I do not believe anyone has to accept false police accusations without the right of appeal and information regarding that should be provided’.

  2. The IPCC and CPS are just yet another two criminal gangs within the almost totally corrupt establishment. Any corrupt official can be sure that they can commit crimes, betray their oaths of office and abuse human rights and get away with it completely because their fellow ‘Criminals In Power’ will never do their sworn duty to prosecute, and will lie, cheat, libel, and pervert the course of justice to stop any private prosecution.

    The biggest shock is that the story is ignored or even denied by the media, human rights, justice and anti-corruption outfits and even victims of corruption. You can only see the whole shocking story at


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