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I work for a College of further education who are contracted to teach inmates at a local prison.

When a student attends a College in the local community, his or her course is administered by the College, funded by the learning skills council and exams are dealt with directly by awarding bodies such as OCR or City and Guilds. (All in place and the system works fine)

When working for the prison service however we are governed by OLASS. Why?

OLASS appear to do nothing more than generate tons of paperwork to be filled in on a daily basis, change their mind every five minutes and send a new version of the paperwork, (slightly different of course) just to make any software that you have written to ease your paperwork trail inoperable and make life very difficult.

When a prisoner attends a course in the education department his training, results and exams taken are treated by the college in the normal way so it begs the question – Why have all of this duplication and endless extra reporting that I'm sure no one has the time or the will to read in their already overburdened lives.

Kindest Regards

A George

Why is this idea important?

To save many hundreds of thousands of pounds by removing duplicated paperwork.

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