Cutting PPA time.  .  It would be better if children went home an hour possibly two a week earlier and PPA time was used in a focused way e.g. to focus on 'stuck' children/raising standards.  Heads need some freedom to say how the time is used and be accountable to the governors for how it is raising standards.  Schools could provide after school care, sports coaching or enrichment activities for parents who need childcare.  However, that still leads the question does PPA actually raise standards…the jury is out with this I think! 

Why is this idea important?

Too many lessons are covered my assistants or supply teachers who are not always up to date with current practise.  The best thing a teacher can do is to be the classroom teaching not out the classroom filling in forms.  Yes, we do need time to plan but having less paperwork would give teachers time to do this.

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