Israel Has Legalised Medical Marijuana! How long will the UK drag it’s feet, sulking like a naughty school boy who’s been discovered pedaling lies and deceit?

So the media makes Israel out to be some sort of monster when in actual fact the evidence suggests that they are far more reasonable, compassionate and concerned for liberty and justice than we are here in the UK!

Israel realises the senseless injustice of criminalising the sick.

Israel understands that it is not humane to remove the right of the sick to be treated by possibly the best natural medication known to man.

Israel has dealt a significant blow to greedy, self obsessed political / corporate agendas because they see such action as NECESSARY and IMPORTANT, indeed, the Jewish people have a saying: "If you haven't got your health, than what have you got?".

They replaced greedy drug policy with humane and compassionate treatment.

Israel sees the hypocrisy. Israel sees the blatant bigotry. Israel sees the complete and utter failure of the drug war.

Israel is doing something about it.

Is the UK really to be the elephant in the room? Standing on our outdated, prejudicial and, frankly, insane principles we are begging to be left behind by other more evolved, liberated and compassionate societies.

The UK government are a disgrace for while the world is turning to a more liberal future, the UK is so steeped in the web of deceit, propaganda, political complicity and corruption that it would seem they cannot untangle themselves from it without also ruining their own careers. Well, personally, I think that any prohibitionist should be forced from their disgraceful and hateful position of power so that they no longer infect reason with their corrupt, illogical, irrational and perverse sense of justice.

Why is this idea important?

Enough is enough! The world is leaving us to stagnate on the question of drug policy reform and our moron politicians are just standing there, lethargic and scared witless. They would prefer to buttress their incredibly weakened position and await the day that they are placed under siege and forced into submission by the growing mass of public condemnation for their idiotic, prejudicial and unworkable policies. They prefer to wait and die rather than lead and prosper. Furthermore, they insist on dragging us all down with them.

Well, so be it! However, with the latest news that even Israel is changing their drug policy, the slippery ice on which the UK government position on cannabis is based is becoming ever thinner. One day, in the not to distant future, the ice will crack and each politician can be assured that nobody will be there at the waters edge to save their necks from going under…

LEGALISE, TAX & REGULATE! Failing that, Legalise for medical use so that the sick do not have to suffer the vindictive nature of politicians stupidity any longer.

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