Get the police back working for the public.

The police have lost the confidence of the public because they became a political tool. Often asked to perform unlawful tasks to cover up political embarrassment or perform a politically expedient measure.

Officers prepared to bend the rules have been rewarded with promotions and enhanced pensions. Those opposed to the political manipulation culture are side-lined.

The public want the police to serve them, not their political masters. Police Range Rovers displaying New Labour slogans were not the start of the rot but they did herald a new era.

The combined PR stunt of MET and New Labour to show the public they were tough on terrorists went dramatically wrong when they shot Jean Charles de Menezes; the farce played out by Thames Valley police surrounding the circumstances of Dr David Kelly's death; the arrest of Damian Green and other notoriously overt political shenagins have ruined the public's fath in the police.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency no longer  swear allegiance to the Crown but to the government. Why?

I no longer trust the police, I live in a fairly low crime area but many people I know don't report incidents that they would have once done because they think it is a waste of time. Government targets are more important than protecting the public. The Chief Constable pension is more important to him than protecting me.

Why is this idea important?

Without a properly trusted police force most laws are useless. Everday there is a story somewhere in the British press of a police officer acting stupidly or corruptly. Everday Britains social fabric suffers.

Police Chiefs need to be elected, police officers need to be accountable and not immune to prosecution.

British society needs a fair, honest reliable police force, enforcing sensible laws; currently we have neither and that why we have a coalition government.

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