I run a growing campervan hire and sales company and regularly import vehicles for hire and conversion from Japan. There is an insane (EU) regulation/law that requires vehicles under 10 years of age to undergo a second MOT-type test called the Individual Vehicle Approval or IVA test.

Those over 10 years of age simply have to be MOTd and made UK road worthy and they are regiastered and taxed. Those over have to have this £199 test and wait for 6-7 weeks to have it seen at a VOSA station.

Why is this idea important?

As an importer I bring vehicles in of all ages but of similar type. It makes no sense that the exact van made in June does not have to undergow this expensive and time consuming IVA test while one made days later in July has to be tested.

The test adds no value to the vehicle, does not reveal any new information and is simply another costly burden on businesses like ours (every week a van waits for its test it loses me £500 in revenue. The last van I tested stood for an extra 8 weeks, costing me £199 plus £4000!!!).

It also encourages importers like us to import and use older vehicles, which can often be in poorer condition and less economic to run and more polluting. This makes no sense.

This is also a waist of VOSA and government time.

It MUST be scrapped.

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