If it is right that some mother should be jailed for several years when she makes an error of judgement on the roads that causes death or injury, it must also be right that council officials should be jailed when poor road maintenance causes accidents. (Doesn't this happen on the railways? Corporate manslaughter?)

Not far from my house there is a corner where someone crashed every week. They were almost universally visitors to the area going to fast for the bend. Easy to blame them for their stupidity. But what did the council say whenever they were asked to do something about this dangerous road? 'We cannot do anything unless there has been a fatality.'

Why is this idea important?

Architects, builders, doctors, providers of transport land in trouble when their failures lead to deaths. Why not the head of roads at the council?

On the other hand, perhaps the blame culture has just got out of hand and it's time to scrap the vengeful pursuit of people who make mistakes on the roads, in hospital wards, or wherever. Living in this world is not risk free.

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