I think the old TV series Porridge best sets out the way prisons used to be.

If you did a crime you was sent to jail as a punishment, the punishement was a removal of your luxuries, removal of your freedom, you was kept locked up to think about what you had done and hopefully deter you from doing them again.

However, todays jails are nothing more than holiday camps, people are not afarid to go to jail anymore, why not?  you get a roof over your head, you are fed very well everyday, you have a TV and playstaton in your cell, you go to the gym and work out and  get fit so you dont get outrun by the police next time.

Seriously am I the only person who is appauled by this??

Being sent to jail is punishment for a crime you commited against society and the convicted should be made to feel that they are being punnished, today they feel they are being rewarded.

Why is this idea important?

Put jails back to how they used to be.

Criminals need to feel they are being punished and not rewarded.

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