Joint Enterprise Law needs to defiantly be challenged, amended or abolished as well as its cases sentenced under the said Law.

The Law itself is now used so frequently, if there is more then 1 person involved in a case it is then applied. A person is not dealt with as a individual but as a group.

Joint Enterprise needs urgent assistence as it is being used in so many stuations again involving more then 1 and i feel its being used as a only option as well as last result in cases invloving more then 1 and other cases as well.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is extremley important to me, far too many people are being sentenced under this law and the cases involved clearly show signs of indivdual sentencing which could have been applied.

I first come to know about Joint Enterprise in 2005 and i had never heard of the law, we are in 2010 and its as if it is being used on a regular basis, this is why it is so important for some action to be taken against the law as far too many people already are being held under this, what more is to come?

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