the law as it stands at the moment with the joint enterprise law is unjust and unfair, how can innocent youths that never played a part in the crime be given life sentences, this is wrong and its not justice, the courts know from the trial who committed the crime, so why are all getting this long life sentence, this law can encourage lazy prosecuting, which is just not fair and just, there is no justice in this law, as one can not be held responsible for anothers actions, not all take part in this crime,  there are alot of innocent people going through this joint enterprise law that are totally innocent of that crime, where is the justice in that,  we need some changes in this law, and to let the innocent free, at the trials of these people it can be obviouse who did the crime, so why are all being treated in this unfair way, we need a change with this law,

Why is this idea important?

its important because innocent youths are being given a life sentence when they are innocent of that crime,

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